Submission Guidelines

I. Time Schedule and Limit of Script Amount
  • 1. A member can submit his/her paper at any day of the year.
  • 2. The manuscript composed in English, German and French has the maximum of 18 pages of JGRS (approximately eight thousand words). In a special case the editorial board can accept the manuscript over the maximum.
  • 3. The abstract is also the object of screening. Therefore it must have the clear and exact content showing the merit or creative point of the manuscript.
  • 4. English abstract is a requisite for manuscript written in any language.
  • 5. The amount of an abstract is about 1 page of JRGS, approximately 350-500 words.
  • 6. Research note, book-review and others must not surpass the maximum of 100 pages of 200 character suit.
II. Composition
  • 1. First page has a main title of the manuscript, author’s name and affiliation.
  • 2. Five or more key words must be prepared at the last line of the English abstract.
  • 3. In case of co-work all names and affiliations of participants should be revealed.
    • 1) When it is necessary to distinguish the first author from the second one, the name of the first author is revealed in the place of the author and the second one is revealed in the space of footnote as “This article is the result of the co-work with the first author(affiliation).”
  • 4. Footnotes are utilized for the commentary information and situated in the bottom part of a page.
  • 5. A submitter should keep the rules of various sentence marks as follows.
    • 1) Chapter is marked 1. 2. 3., section is 1), 2) 3), subsection is (1), (2), (3) and paragraph is ①②③.
    • 2) Emphasis is marked through small quotation marks(‘ ’) or gothic characters. Erasure of word or phrase is marked through … and erasure of full sentences is (…) in the part of citation.
    • 3) (unnecessary for European languages)
    • 4) Indication of citation sources is marked fully in the bibliography. But the indications of citation in the footnotes are abbreviated as Kim (1998), 78-79, or M. Frede (1987), 134; D. Frede (1996), 59.
    • 5) Bibliography is situated in the last part of the main text and contains the only literatures utilized by the author or authors.
      • ① The oriental literatures are placed in the first place and the western literatures in the next place according to the names alphabetically.
      • ② Oriental book mark is 『 』 and western book is represented with italic character. Oriental article is marked with 「 」 and western article is marked with quotation marks.
      • ③ When one author published two and more literatures in a year, a, b or c is added to the number of year.
      • ④ Submitters should follow the examples below.
    • - Western article(published on a journal)
      Dawe, R. D., 1967, “Some Reflections on Ȃte and Hamartia,” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 72, 89-123.
    • - Western book
      West, M. L., 1982, Greek Metre, Clarendon: Oxford University Press.
    • - Western book translated
      Marrou, H. I., 1956, A History of Education in Antiquity, tr. by G. Lamb, Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press.
    • - Western collection of Treatises
      Keyt, D. and F. D. Miller, Jr., eds., 1991, A Companion to Aristotle’s Politics, Oxford: Blackwell.
    • - Western article in the collection in the bibliography
      Adkins, A. W. H., 1991, “The Connection between Aristotle’s Ethics and Politics,” in D. Keyt and F. D. Miller, Jr. (1991), 75–93.
    • - Western article in the collection not revealed in the bibliography
      Cooper, J. M., 1987, “Hypothetical Necessity and Natural Teleology,” in A. Gotthelf and J. G. Lennox (eds.), Philosophical Issues in Aristotle’s Biology, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 243-274.
    • - Translation or commentary of classical text
      Lacy, A. R., tr., 1993, Philoponus: On Aristotle’s Physics 2, Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
    • - Remark of the edition
      Charlton, W., 1983, Aristotle’s Physics Books I and II (2nd edition), Oxford: Clarendon.
    • - Internet citation
      Nails, D., 2014, “Socrates,” (search date 2014.03.01)
    • ⑤ Authors follow the general rules in the other cases.
  • 6. Electronic data supplied by academic domain can be utilized as a source and the name, URL of domain and contact day must be marked in the footnotes.
  • 7. Personal names and geographical name must be, in principle, marked in the original forms.
III. For the publication of papers after screening
  • 1. After the referees decide pass for an article, the submitter should deliver the final manuscript in the form of digital file reflecting criticism of the referees and this rule of edition.
  • 2. Publication fee is decided as follows
    • ① A submitter of article sponsored any other fund must pay 300,000 Won for the publication.
    • ② The overcharge of amount surpassing the maximum above is calculated 10,000 Won per a page.
    • ③ Regular members should pay 100,000 Won for publication.
    • ☞ However, foreigners who belong to foreign universities or foreign research institutes do not have to pay for publishing.
  • 3. Copy of reprint: Submitter can request of some reprints of his/her papers after the payment of the printing.
Supplementary Provisions
  • 1. Any revision of the Submission Guidelines will be decided by the Editorial Board.
  • 2. The Submission Guidelines shall be effective from 20 September, 2019.
  • 3rd Amendment on 20 September, 2019
  • 2rd Amendment on 22 April, 2014
  • 1st Amendment on 31 December, 2006
  • Enactment on 30 Jun, 2000